The 1st Minot Management Story…

Located on Main street in downtown Minot, we’ve been helping people find and rent homes since 1955.   The keys to our longevity and continued success:

Listening.  Whether you are a property owner or a tenant, paying attention to you is what has allowed us to continually meet the needs of both our renter and property owner clients.

Integrity. The reality is this, in the rental business sometimes there are problems.  It’s how your property management company reacts when those challenges pop up that makes all the difference.

Ability.  It’s developed from managing over 1300 properties and doing it for more than 65 years.

Teamwork. From the person picking up the phone to the person fixing a leaking pipe, there’s no better recipe than good people working together.

1st Minot Management on Main Street in Minot.
Located on Main Street in Downtown Minot, 1st Minot Management has been helping people get home since 1955.